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Live with Kindness Plaque

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Touch their heart and nurture their strengths with inspirational gifts by artist Kelly Rae Roberts. Her Live with Kindness Plaque features butterflies stopping by to tell the owner, "You inspire me to live with kindness, and a heart full of gratitude." Beautiful, and whimsical, this stoneware plaque will match any woman's taste. The colors are varied but subdued, so it will match any color scheme. This is the perfect inspirational quotes plaque when you want to tell someone how they inspire you, whether they need to hear it or you want to tell them for the first time. Particularly suited to lovers of butterflies and anyone who loves unique, artisan gifts. Give the Live with Kindness plaque for difficult times, holidays, or just because.

  • Size: 4"w x 1.5"d x 6"h
  • Materials: stoneware