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Saranoni Double-Layer Receiving Blanket - Petal

Saranoni Double-Layer Receiving Blanket - Petal

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Double Layer Bamboni®- For a heftier weight to the bamboni® blanket you already know and love, our double layer bamboni® is just the thing! The double layering has double the “cloud-effect”, so you can expect even softer snuggles than ever before!

Double Layer Receiving - Babies grow so quickly, and our receiving sized blanket is the perfect blanket to grow with your baby for those first few years while maintaining a size-appropriate weight and holdability for your child!

Double-Layer Bamboni® Receiving - Sized at 30"X40"

Fabric - Created with 20% rayon from bamboo and 80% poly microfiber, this blanket is breathable, oh-so-soft and durable!

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