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422 First Ave. West

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422 First Ave. West

Albany, OR 97321

Monday -Friday - 11am-6:000pm

Saturday - 10am-5

Sunday - Closed

Have someone you’d love to send a little Christmas pick me up to? Or do you need to put together a birthday or Christmas gift but you're stuck at home... let us help! These Christmas Gifts are ready for us to deliver locally or ship out.

Gift Baskets

Have someone you’d love to send a little Christmas pick me up to? Or do you need to put together a birthday or Christmas gift but you're stuck at home... let us help! These Christmas Gifts are ready for us to deliver locally or ship out. Love a basket but it's out of stock? Feel free to contact us and let us see if we can modify it for you, or even create a special basket just for you!
Bring a bit of energy into someone's life with this lightweight boho scarf with tassels. We will add in a pair of matching wooden earrings and some warm honey body lotion. Just the thing for making a splash when you go out, or bring a little cheer to yourself while staying in.

Boho Fun!

This gift set will be sure to bring joy in abundance. The person who receives this gift will enjoy a three wick Eucalyptus + Santal candle from Paddywax, a 6" high colorful floral print canister, and a box of "Little Somethings".

Thoughtful Little Things

If you know someone who could use a moment to relax and recharge, this would be just the thing to make their day! A combination of honeysuckle bubble milk and soap, from Dot & Lil, and a honeysuckle candle - hand poured in the USA.

Relax and Unwind

What a cute little goodie bag this is! It's a fun collection that includes a Tried & True Sunwashed Cotton Candle, a small plate with a sweet little bird on it...perfect for holding a pair of earrings!  The earrings are from Ear Sense, for sensitive ears. 100% hypo-allergenic cubic zirconia.

Breath of Fresh Air Gift

This is the perfect gift for someone who needs a little reminder of just how amazing they truly are. It comes with a Curly Girl notebook that has two encouraging quotes: "She was never meant to be a common creature - extraordinary takes time" and "The question is not 'Will you find your wings?' It's 'What are you going to wear with those magnificent feathers?"  We will add to this, a cute little ceramic bird and a painted stoneware bowl.

Beautiful Encouragement Collection

Do you know someone who could use a little sneak peak at spring for a quick pick me up? This gift set is the perfect thing! It comes with a rainbow themed notebook, a "Be Happy" pouch, and a beautiful floral and bee print thermos - good for either hot or cold drinks.  The pouch is from Natural Life and is made from 80% recycled plastic bottles.

Be Happy! Gift Set

This sweet little box is the perfect pick me up for your person who loves to draw and color. The sketchbook has 75 thick pages, perfect for coloring with these triangle shaped, beeswax crayons!

A Lil' Bit Of Art

Perfect for days at home, this box has a fun assortment of craft things to do. There is a multi-color clay kit, and a set of chunkies paint sticks to use on one of two fun doodle pads.

Craft Time!

This package contains three fun games. Don't be fooled by the word "kids", these are games for anyone to enjoy! There are Charades to be played, Drawing to do, and Descriptions to figure out.  These are popular "pick a stick" games where on your turn, you pick a stick and then describe, act out, or draw what's on the stick, depending on which version you are playing. Family fun for hours!

Kids Games!

This box has fun little extras that makes being in the kitchen a little more organized and interesting. You will receive four, sweet little jar bonnets to make your jars more whimsical and extra. There are also decorated page flags for marking your favorite recipes. If you feel like sharing some of your favorites, there are also recipe cards for copying them down. And last but not least, a wooden heart trivet that can also come apart and be used as individual coasters.

Fun times in the Kitchen

Two of our favorite things, in one box! Settle in for a little down time with a fresh pack of gel pens and our PNW nature coloring book, or get creative with your pens and draw your own picture in this Oregon themed notebook.

PNW + Art Box

This is the ideal box for your favorite art lover! They will receive two sketchbooks - one decorated with colored pencils, and the other with hedgehogs and mushrooms. We will add in a set of colorful gel pens and a multi-tool pen that all fit perfectly in the ceramic hedgehog that is also included.

Art and Hedgehog Gift Box

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