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Hope Is A Verb

Hope Is A Verb

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Amid political, social, and environmental anxieties, the need for humor, hope, and meaningful action has never been greater. Hope Is a Verb is the beautifully simple solution for not only how to create change but how to stay sane while doing it.

Through this creative guidebook, readers will work to live in alignment with their values, examine their relationships with the planet and their community, and be inspired to act, both in their personal life and collectively. Emily Ehlers, creator of the cult favorite Instagram account @ecowithem, offers the following six-step process that reframes the current global mood as an invitation to realize change, rather than  dwell in despair.

  • Step One: Stop Freaking Out
  • Step Two: Change the Story
  • Step Three: Set Your Inner Compass
  • Step Four: Own Your Power
  • Step Five: Just Start
  • Step Six: Find Your People
Using her experience as a environmental activist, Ehlers offers ways for readers to change their perspective as a path to overcome challenges. A light in a dark place, a friend when you're feeling alone, a roadmap out of overwhelming situations, for those feeling less than secure and safe, Hope Is a Verb points to a world of opportunity and stability that’s achievable and surprisingly simple.
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