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Hungry Campers New Edition

Hungry Campers New Edition

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Whether cooking for just yourself, your immediate family, or a large group of friends, the 80 recipes in this cookbook are a must-have for planning your next camping adventure. Includes menu plans, camp-cooking hints, and equipment needs and tips.

The last couple of years have seen a renewed enthusiasm for camping and enjoying time outdoors. And one of the best things about spending the night under the stars is eating meals around a campfire. This completely redesigned new edition of Zac Williams’ Hungry Campers: Cooking Outdoors for 1 to 100 provides recipes crafted to fill empty stomachs, from the single backpacker, to the rowdy scout troop, and to family reunions held at the lake. Recipes are arranged in chapters beginning with ideas for meals that are easy to prepare and teach basic cooking skills, and progress to more advanced gourmet preparations for those camp chefs who are looking for inspiration. Menus, tips for using cooking equipment, and other camping related hints and ideas are also included to make meals in the great outdoors fun—and filling.

Whether you are preparing your food at the campfire next to your tent, using a camp stove at the RV park, or at the family cabin, give some of these recipes a try: Brown Bag Campfire Breakfast, Classic Tinfoil Dinner, Really Sloppy Joes, Pioneer Pizza, Hiker’s Cereal, or Icebox Ice Cream.

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