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Making Camp - by Martin Hogue (Hardcover)

Making Camp - by Martin Hogue (Hardcover)

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From the early days of recreational camping in the late nineteenth century through the multitude of modern camping options available today, Making Camp explores the history and evolution of the popular activity through the lens of its most important and familiar the campsite, the campfire, the picnic table, the map, the tent, the sleeping bag, as well as the oft invisible systems for delivering water and managing trash.

Find out how early nineteenth century German peasants fashioned rudimentary sleeping bags by burrowing into bags full of leaves for the night. Look back over several millennia to learn about the progression of tents from animal skins, goat's hair, and heavy canvas to featherweight nylon. Learn about the ways in which the skills to build and maintain a campfire have been displaced by the portable gas stove. Pinpoint the details of the essential campground map and its unique place in the camping imagination.

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