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Resistance Bands 5 Set

Resistance Bands 5 Set

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Your Resistance Bands come in a set of five bands for strengthening and toning your muscles. Change that mood by exercising with these colorful bands along with your instruction booklet to learn how to exercise properly. These resistance bands come with a carrying bag, so you can be prepared to stay in shape anytime, anywhere.

These colorful and durable resistance bands come in a set of five, so you can move along with the how-to booklet and learn how to build strength, improve mobility, and become an essential part of your workout plan. You’ll get a convenient carrying case, so that you can bring you resistance bands anywhere you travel.

There’s nothing worse than moot glutes. Strengthen your muscles with Resistance Bands in this colorful set of five bands. The bands can be used to improve mobility, flexibility, for rehabilitation, pull ups, and more. Are you doing lunges or doing lunches? Take your pick, but with Resistance Bands, you can do both and stay in shape. You want extra sides, but only with your meal, not with your thighs. These are a fabulous gift for anyone, including yourself!

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