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Saranoni Surf Ribbed Receiving Blanket

Saranoni Surf Ribbed Receiving Blanket

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Ribbed Bamboni® - If texture is a welcome bonus in your life, then our ribbed Bamboni® blankets are right up your alley! With a subtle ribbing texture on our already stretchy soft blankets, this blanket makes for the ultimate snuggle experience! And of course, this blanket maintains our signature Bamboni® magical breathability, so you can enjoy it whatever the season!!

Ribbed Bamboni® Receiving - Babies grow so quickly, and our receiving sized blanket is the perfect blanket to grow with your baby for those first few years while maintaining a size-appropriate weight and holdability for your child! Our ribbed Bamboni® blankets are made with 100% top-quality poly microfiber and rayon from bamboo to provide your little one’s sensitive skin the best possible feel and touch!

Ribbed Bamboni® Receiving - Sized at 30”X40"

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