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Wildflower Meadow, 8oz. Scented Candle

Wildflower Meadow, 8oz. Scented Candle

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Premium vegan soy blend wax scented candle. Lush grasses and fragrant wildflowers. A springtime hike through a lush meadow of tall grasses, sweet clover, bright citrus, and wild violet. Blue skies, soft breezes and abundant wildflowers create this dreamy soft, green floral scent. Top Notes: Green Clover, Lily Flower, Lemon. Middle Notes: Yarrow Root, Garden Geranium, Green Grasses. Base Notes: Violet Flower, Vetiver, Blue Agave. Essential Oils: Geranium, Lemon Peel, Vetiver. 8oz. 227g.


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